Relevant Issues: The child with autism among other difficulties (now 22 years old) claims SES breached the duty of care it owed him to make decisions in the sole interest of enhancing his educational prospects and provide sufficient funding and resources for his special needs.

Status: The defendent wins in this case for technical, legal reasons.  The judge suggests a way that the plaintiff could reformulate his claim.

Relevant Issues: Plaintiff from 2007 Anderson v. AG is now 24 years old and suing the Attorney-General for breaching duties owed to him regarding his welfare and special educational needs.  Legal Services Agency stopped representing him in court.  The Legal Aid Review Panel reversed the Agencies decision.

Status: The appeal of the Legal Services Agency to stop representing him is allowed.

Relevant Issues: Parents of 15 children (including those with autism) requested gov’t to introduce a new programme and the High Court held in the parents’ favour. This case is an appeal of the Crown. The parents are supported by the Human Rights Commission.

Status: The Court of Appeal finds: the Minister acted in breach of s98(2) when he disestablished the special classes, units and services.

Relevant Issues: Concerned with the application of human rights principles when developing frameworks for identifying and supporting students with dyspraxia, dyslexia and autistic spectrum disorders in school.

Status: Committee is encouraged to revisit current legislation and policy to evaluate whether the law provides “an adequate basis for supporting students with disabilities and learning
difficulties enjoy their right to an inclusive education.”

Relevant Issues: Not about autism (the adult has Down Syndrome); however, this has implications in terms of parents labour in working with or caregiving for their children.

Status: The court ordered an award of costs to the parent.