In this page you will find a database of global autism court cases. Parents worldwide are engaged in lawsuits against their local, state/provincial or federal governments to make Intensive Behavioral Treatment based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis accessible to their children through public funding of this intensive autism treatment (originally pioneered by O. I. Lovaas, first published in 1987 and replicated a dozen times). There has been a considerable amount of litigation in the United States and Canada; the United States is currently where the “lion’s share” of legal battles have been waged and won, whereas, parents of Canadian children have not been as fortunate.

The goal of this project is to create a repository of court judgments throughout the globe to help parents, wherever they may live, to fight for their children’s right to science-based treatment for their core health need, which is Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Canadian Court Judgments may be of particular use for parents of Canadian children and other parliamentary democracies such as the United Kingdom, and Australia due to their similar origins. Lawsuits from the United States will certainly benefit parents of American children with autism.

Global Autism Court Cases