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    Jean Lewis and Sabrina Freeman are on the Bill
    Good Show today (CKNW, AM 980, Monday August 7).



    Just wanted to let everyone know that there is quite a good article concerning a family who have done ABA with their son, in the September issue of Goodhousekeeping. (Julia Roberts is on the front).

    It gives a very positive story.




    Hi Everyone,

    I am attempting to put my 2 1/2 year old son on a milk and gluten free diet. I am not much of a baker and would appreciate any information on ex.) good bakeries or natural food stores that stock these items. I am interested in breads, pastas, cookies, mixes etc. I live in the Richmond area and have found some items already. My son also has had multiple ear infections which I have heard this diet might benefit.
    Thanks for any info!

    Liz Hummel


    We use Dr. Don Scheideman at the Pediatric
    Dental Group. They have offices in Richmond,
    Coquitlam and at Oakridge. Obviously there's
    an office closer to you, but the one at Oakridge
    is more 'team-friendly' I find. In any case,
    they're the best, and Scheideman's fabulous,
    though I understand his partners are excellent



    Hi Everyone

    Does anybody know of a dentist who has experience with autistic children and is in the Richmond area

    Joe Hummel



    Hi Everyone,

    The current cover story in Newsweek is on autism, entitled "Understanding Autism".

    We hope everyone supports this type of coverage by picking up a copy of the magazine; the article is available at

    (Miki’s Dad)



    A quick reminder note about the FEAT BC parent group meeting on Wednesday 07/19/00

    -> 7:30PM at St. Francis in the Woods in West Vancouver. A map is available via fax-on-demand at Ph. 513-7233 or on the web at

    New parents are welcome — please pass on the information.


    Re: Success/brag stories


    I think that is an excellent idea! I don't know about everyone else but when I started, I used to search the web for success stories and clung to them for hope. Now when I am down, it's great to hear of both great quick breakthoughs of the younger kids but also the breakthroughs and achievments of the kids still doing programs after a few years. It gives you hope for the future. Reminds you that for some of us, this isn't a race but a marathon and to keep your eye on the ball, stay focused and keep moving toward your goal- your child's personal best. It might even be a neat idea to initially give a brief overview of where the kids were when they started ABA and how they are now.



    Deleted User

    That's a great idea. This way I remember and re-enforce those wonderful positive moments that are so easy to forget in the midst of problems and challenges.

    Good for thinking this, Dave.



    David Chan

    Hi everyone,

    The other night I was having this brainstorm, it doesn't happen offen, but I thought, wouldn't it be cool if we could have a separate area in the chat, to talk about how well the kids are doing. Like a progress area, or more like a brag area. Somewhere on the chat to say, hey this kids are making progress.

    I don't know if my own experience is unique, but telling someone that the kid didn't wake up last night seem terribly exiting, or he's eating with utensils or all the small steps that he is taking towards being better are not really significant to other people or friends with typical children.

    I thought wouldn't it be cool have a place to really brag about the kids. The people reading would really get it, and how significant those small steps are. Most of the time when we go on the chat, it's about problems that we are having with just about everything.
    I just thought it would do us all a bit of good to show that all the hard work that we do with these kids have a payoff. Belive me I know how hard we all work. So just a thought, what does every one think


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