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    Please use this section to advertise for things that are needed or are available for sale (or free). For example, ads for specific A.B.A. therapy materials, therapists, & baby-sitters are welcome. Your message will be distributed to members of the Discussion Group.

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    Stella Hsiung

    Looking for an experienced therapist to work with a 9-year-old autistic boy twice a week, either 4 to 7 or 6 to 9, including lots of ourdoor activities (roller blading, biking, running…) Please phone Stella @ 6045889120.


    Experienced therapist needed in Vancouver

    We're looking for an experienced therapist to join our team to work with our 3 1/2 year old boy. Our son is verbal and in his second year of ABA therapy. He's doing well, he attends pre-school, and he loves his therapy sessions at home. If you have strong play skills, you'll find it fun and rewarding to work with him. We live near Fraser and 19th Ave. Our consultant is Bohdanna Popowycz Kvam.

    Please contact Dwight or Marie at


    Line Therapist Training Class

    Based on Teaching Principles for

    Early Autism Intervention

    A one day class will be offered on October 22nd, 2005 and will be based on the principles of Lovaas-based Applied Behaviour Analysis and its application to the treatment of autism spectrum disorder. The class will address several topics that outline the basic foundation of a Lovaas-based treatment program and will include information on autism and general behaviour strategies. The main focus will however be on practical application with a 50% hands on approach in small groups, with the remaining time spent on larger group discussion and video reviews. The group will be facilitated by two highly experienced lead therapists.

    Topics to be covered:

    · The key principles of discrete trial teaching

    · Prompting

    o Different types

    o What is it and how best to use it

    · The various steps involved in a child acquiring a skill

    · Reinforcement

    o How to identify

    o How to use

    · General discussion around behaviours and the language used

    · Strategies for data collection

    Who would benefit most from the class:

    · Interested therapists or current line therapists

    · Classroom teachers and support staff

    · Those who may be supporting children with autism in other capacities.

    Date and Time: October 22nd, 2005 9:30-2:30am

    Morning snacks and refreshments will be provided

    Location: 203-1865 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

    Cost: $30 per person

    Payment: Cash or cheque (made out to Breaking Barriers)

    Registration: Contact Kelley Lloyd-Jones by phone at 604-921-2686 or by e-mail at or contact Gabrielle Stigant by e-mail at

    *Early registration is recommended

    About the facilitators

    I am pleased to announce that Gabrielle Stigant and Kelley Lloyd-Jones will be the two Lead therapists facilitating the upcoming class. Both individuals are well experienced and highly trained Lead therapists who have been working in the field of behavioural intervention with children with autism for many years. Together they have logged over 7000 hours with over 30 children ranging in ages from 2.5 to 13 years of age. They have been involved in training new staff and supporting existing teams and have both acted as support staff to children in the preschool and elementary school settings. They are experienced in working with many highly respected behaviour consultants who currently work in this province and share a vast knowledge in the areas of discrete trial teaching, data collection, behaviour modification and how to train other staff.

    *Please be advised that this training class does not allow a participant to run an ABA program without direction by an approved Consultant. It is for educational purposes only.





    A fantastic Maple Ridge family is looking for a new therapist to join our team. You will be working in a fun, stable environment with an amazing teenage girl who has been in a program for many years, and is a dream to work with. All therapists have been with this team for at least two years, and we all have alot of fun together. Experience would be preferred, although training will be provided. Email Thanks!


    Hi Guys:

    I just wanted to offer a little piece of information that was passed on to me by a friend who works in an insurance company.

    I have a therapist/interventionist whom I just took down to a workshop in Vancouver. In doing so – I end up paying for the girls rooms, their food, travel, etc and the cost of the workshop.

    When we arrived home on her following shift – the girl informed that she will be quitting and moving away. She told me she had planned on doing this for about 2 months prior.

    I and my child were basically used so that she could add another workshop to her resume. My child will not benefit in anyway from the training that I just provided her. Yet I have no recourse to get that money back.

    My friend who works at the insurance company says that before they are taken to any training that is expensive – they have to sign a contract saying that they won't leave for 12 months or they will have to pay for the costs of the workshop themselves.

    It is something I will do in the future as I had NO idea this girl was leaving – none. The girl has been with us for almost 3 years.

    Just thought I would pass along the info for anyone else so no other family/child has to lose money like this.



    Contact information for Abbotsford position with 5.5 year old is Calvin or Aletha


    Abbotsford family looking for new team members to work with 5.5 year old girl. Shifts are Tue, Thurs and Saturdays. Tue and Thur shift are 5 to 9pm and Saturdays are 10 to 2pm. Applicants are required to have some training with ECE, ABA, Sign language, child psychology, occupational therapy, and or kinesiology. As well must have current criminal record check, doctor's note of good health, class 5 licence, record abstract, emergency first aid, and Tb test. Qualities needed are a natural ability to play and have fun, maintain accurate records, reading text, document use, oral communication, working with others, problem solving, critical thinking and continuous learning. Reliability and punctuality is an absolute.


    Linda Hua


    We are looking for lead therapistine to join our team as well as line therapists with two or 3 year ABA experience. 2-3hr sessions are available for each therapist to fill up. My son is 5 year old boy .
    If you are interested, plase emil me at

    Thanks in advance to everyone who responds!!!


    A. Tong

    Experienced ABA therapists wanted to join a team for a 5-year-old boy in Vancouver (close to Granville Street and 70th Avenue)
    If you are interested, please e-mail to


    I'm sorry, I forgot to put my email address down;

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