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We hope this forum will become your meeting place with other parents of children with autism as well as a resource for information relating to autism behavioural treatment for your child. The FEAT BC Discussion Group is about sharing information. The more we share, the better everyone’s program will be.

To keep the Discussion group friendly and meaningful, a user ID is needed to post messages. All members of FEAT of BC can register for a user ID. Membership is free and simple. Please email your request, with reason for joining, to FEAT BC.

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Viewing 5 topics - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
Viewing 5 topics - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

The FEAT BC Discussion Group Rules:

To be a member in good standing, please respect the following:

1) Be courteous to each other. We ask you to refrain from abusive language, insults and profanity (swearing).

2) Personal attacks are not permissible in the FEAT BC Discussion Group. We respect all opinions even if we disagree with them.

3) Professionals such as lawyers, autism consultants, advocates, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, psychologists, physiotherapists etc., are not allowed to advertise directly or indirectly using their professional designation or business contact information on this website. Existing autism therapists advising of their capacity to add families or those seeking employment as therapists i.e., paraprofessionals, are the only exceptions to this rule. The Board Administrator of the FEAT BC discussion forum will make the final determination.

4) Organizations or companies sponsoring or operating autism conferences or workshops that are not sponsored by FEAT BC, are not permitted to advertise — directly or indirectly — on the discussion board without prior written permission. If the conference organizers believe that the conference would benefit FEAT BC Discussion Boards users, we ask that they please contact FEAT BC to request permission to advertise on the board.

5) This is NOT a confidential discussion forum. Responsibility for posts to the FEAT BC Discussion Group lies entirely with the author who posted the original message.

6) The FEAT BC Discussion Group has been designed to discuss any topic relevant to home-based A.B.A. programs (including Government funding and school issues). When we use the term A.B.A., we mean discrete-trial-based interventions, also referred to as “Applied Behaviour Analysis” or “Lovaas-type” Intensive Behavioural Treatment for autism and related disorders. This is not an appropriate forum to discuss the latest, unscientific ‘cure of the day.’ If you would like to discuss alternative autism treatment options, please visit the Autism Society of BC., at www.autismbc.ca.

Important points to remember:

1) Although User ID is required to post messages to the FEAT BC Discussion Group, posted messages can be read BY ANYONE with access to the world wide web (this a web-based Discussion Forum). To help protect yourself from personal liability, it is important to remember the following: if you are criticizing a school, organization or group of any kind, please make sure to state that: “This is the experience I had with [the school, institution, organization]”, rather than general, global statements about the organization.

2) If you would like to help a parent out, but need to keep the information confidential, we suggest you e-mail that parent privately. If the person included an email address with their message, you can simply click on their email address and send them a private message. If they posted anonymously, post a request to the forum asking for the person’s e-mail address.

We very much welcome your feedback and suggestions and look forward to you sharing your opinions and experience with the group.

Thank you and welcome to the FEAT BC Discussion Group.